City of Biel

Biel/Bienne – a city offering something for everyone

Biel/Bienne, a can-do, open-minded and bilingual city that straddles the linguistic border between German- and French-speaking Switzerland, scintillates with its own unique charm. For Biel/Bienne, change has always been a welcome constant.

Biel/Bienne became a centre for the watchmaking industry in the mid-19th century. Ever since, the city has constantly been forward-looking and sought to reinvent itself. In its relentless pursuit of development, Biel/Bienne’s various incarnations have made it a 'city of the future', a 'watch-making metropolis', a 'city of communication' and a 'city of innovation'. And today’s Biel/Bienne still lives by this open attitude. It is a place where projects of all types can get off the ground.

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