GIFF - Geneva International Film Festival

Recognized as a strategic actor in the development of audiovisual arts in Switzerland, the Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) is the oldest festival in Geneva dedicated to the 7th art. It is also the largest space in Switzerland dedicated to immersive arts and one of the major events in Europe in this field. A crossroads of genres and disciplines, a place of experimentation, encounters and celebration, it offers every year for ten days, films, series, interactive installations and virtual reality works to some 40'000 festival-goers.

At the heart of the event is the Geneva Digital Market, a unique event in Switzerland dedicated to audiovisual innovation. Image professionals, industrialists and theoreticians from all over the world meet there to propel digital artistic projects to the forefront and shape the audiovisual universe of today and tomorrow.

GIFF is also active throughout the year through its GIFF UNLIMITED program bringing together a series of events each year organized in partnership with other Swiss and foreign institutions, festivals and markets.

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